We don’t just treat bodies, we treat people.

At Jericho, we’re proud of our track record of success – but nothing beats the feeling that we get when a client leaves our office saying, “I didn’t know that I could feel this way again!”

We’d like to share a few of our clients’ comments with you to give you a sense of what the Jericho difference means to them.

My daily life would be flat out impossible without Jericho Physio. The ease with which I can turn my 57-year old neck to check the blind spot in my car, sit at my computer for hours without my back complaining, and bike the seawall without my knees hurting is solely because of their healing maintenance. They make a pain-free existence possible!Jane, Vancouver

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There have been times in my life when I was unable to go to work due to back pain from a car accident and a ruptured disk in my neck from a fall while snowboarding. Over the years, I’ve also had Achilles problems from marathon running, tendonitis in my elbows from overuse, and more. Bob Fong at Jericho Physio was able to help me get back to health and maintain my active, physical lifestyle after every injury I’ve thrown at him.Sandra, Vancouver
Beverley at Jericho Physio has given me almost instant relief from pain in my back and hip, and she tells me what to do if the pain comes back. She has been a wonderful guide for me as I flounder around with an ageing body where old injuries are rearing their difficult heads.Ruth, Vancouver
I had significant neck issues for several years and I had trouble shoulder-checking when I was driving. Dry needling treatments (IMS) at Jericho have been instrumental in my recovery – I can move my neck freely again.John, Vancouver
When I was told that I had better get used to the pain in my neck, shoulder, and arm, I felt it was time to try something else. I chose to have some private Feldenkrais sessions with Mary Lou Stanley, with whom I had taken classes. I had always found this very gentle method of small, precise exercises very beneficial. After every class I felt refreshed, balanced, relaxed, and high-spirited.

After about five private sessions, my pain was gone – and is so to this day. In these sessions I experienced the remarkable power of gentle adjustments. It seems amazing how this effortless (for me) work on my body was so tremendously effective. Every time, on my way home and for several hours after, I felt exhilarated, amazed, graceful, and better in every way.Astrid, Vancouver

I had sacroiliac joint pain and lower back pain for over a year that would temporarily improve, but never fully go away, until my physiotherapist worked on the connective tissues around my large intestine and right kidney. Now, my back and pelvic pain is gone and I’m back to my active self.Robert, North Vancouver
Got hit hard playing beer league hockey, other than a sore neck I just shrugged it off and continued about daily life with an annoying pain in my neck. One day, I woke up with the room violently spinning and knew I had to see a doctor. After many tests and a prescription to try to stop the dizziness, the doctor said I was fine.

Weeks went by and the violent spinning became more regular; I was convinced I had developed vertigo. I went and saw David Bailey at Jericho Physio and after a subtle touch on my neck he knew exactly what the problem was. After only one treatment the spinning went away and now, after my second treatment, I feel like I’m back to 100%. I wish I had seen him much sooner.Caley, Vancouver

I had really bad vertigo after gardening one day. After a trip to the doctor I was put on some pretty nasty medications, but nothing seemed to help. One acupuncture treatment and my vertigo was gone!Brian, Surrey

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