Please note that all fees are paid by the patient to the clinic at each visit – including charges for missed appointments. Jericho Physio does not directly bill insurance providers, ICBC or WorkSafeBC. We will provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your provider for possible reimbursement.


30-minute appointment $ 90.00
45-minute appointment $ 140.00
60-minute appointment $ 180.00

Seniors’ Rates (65 yrs and older)

30-minute appointment $ 85.00
45-minute appointment $ 130.00
60-minute appointment $ 170.00

MSP Supplementary Benefits Rates

30-minute appointment $ 70.00
45-minute appointment $ 110.00
60-minute appointment $ 140.00

Supplementary Benefits: Patients who qualify for Supplementary Benefits on their BC Medical Services Plan are also eligible for a partial reimbursement of $23 per visit, provided they have not used up their 10 paramedical allotments for that calendar year. Our office will transmit dates to MSP electronically on behalf of the client. The client will then receive their $23 reimbursement directly from MSP.

Extended health benefits/private insurance plans: The cost of physiotherapy treatment is not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan. Many patients have extended health benefits through their employer, or private insurance plans, that offer full or partial reimbursement of fees. Please check your policy prior to your appointment – some insurance providers require a doctor's referral for reimbursement.

ICBC claims: Please note that we do not accept new clients with ICBC claims. If you are an established client of Jericho Physio please be advised that we do not directly bill ICBC for the cost of treatment or ICBC reports.  Clients are responsible for paying all fees (including missed appointments), and then submitting their receipts to ICBC for possible reimbursement. Please advise your claims specialist that you will be receiving treatment in a clinic that does not bill the fees to them directly.

WorkSafeBC claims: Please note that we do not accept new clients with WorkSafeBC claims. If your need for treatment is in relation to a WorkSafeBC claim, you must seek treatment at a physiotherapy clinic that participates in the WorkSafeBC billing system. Jericho Physio does not have a contract with WorkSafeBC and we do not bill to them directly.

Cancellation and no-show policy: Please provide at least 24-hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. We understand that some things are unavoidable, however, missed appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 24-hours notice will be charged the full appointment fee. Please contact the reception desk if you have any questions or concerns.