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At Jericho Physio, we’re known for our skill at treating complex conditions and injuries – and for a combination of experience and advanced hands-on therapies that sets us apart from other clinics in Metro Vancouver. Our treatments are a blend of techniques, so that you get the combination of methods that works best for you and your body. Each physiotherapist has their own unique style and – in addition to their specialty skills – is trained in these general treatment methods and tools:

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the most well-known component of physiotherapy. It’s a hands-on system for assessing, diagnosing and treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Our therapists use it as the starting point for almost every consultation, and a continuing component of most treatments.

Commonly, we use manual therapy to manipulate and mobilize your joints and spine, to release restrictions in your connective tissues, and to help restore the flexibility and tone of your muscles, so that you can move better and feel better.

Postural Assessments and Education

Our goal is to not only help you recover, but to maximize your body’s capabilities and prevent future injury. That’s why we prescribe individualized exercise programs for many of our clients.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, training for a sport, or managing an ongoing condition such as arthritis, we can design a program to meet your needs. We prescribe exercises for stretching, strengthening and stabilization, for needs as diverse as muscle balancing, balance and proprioceptive training, postural retraining, and sport-specific training.

One of our most common exercise prescriptions is for core stabilization, as a strong core is vital for supporting your spine and torso. Core stabilization work begins with the abdominal and deep back muscles, and may use therapy balls, rocker boards, pulleys and weight training.

Exercise Prescription

Your posture is more important to your overall health than you probably realize. An unhealthy posture can impede your breathing, lead to movement patterns that can cause muscle and joint injury, and cause fatigue and chronic pain.

At Jericho, we can help you develop a healthy posture for your body – one that will relieve your posture-related pain, restore your energy, improve your athletic performance, and even help you breathe better.

When it comes to posture, it helps to see your skeleton as a series of building blocks piled one on top of the other, starting with the bones of the feet and ending with the skull. There are many reasons why that stack of blocks can become misaligned: muscle weakness and spasms, ligament tightness or laxity, shortening or lengthening of the connective tissue, and habits such as constant texting and sitting.

That’s why at Jericho, improved posture begins with an assessment to diagnose your problem, followed by an individualized education and exercise program to correct it.

My daily life would be flat out impossible without Jericho Physio. The ease with which I can turn my 57-year old neck to check the blind spot in my car, sit at my computer for hours without my back complaining, and bike the seawall without my knees hurting is solely because of their healing maintenance. They make a pain-free existence possible!Jane, Vancouver


At Jericho, we have a range of modalities, such as laser and ultrasound, that we can use during your treatment to heal tissue and address swelling, bruising, pain, muscle spasms and muscle weakness. Our trained physiotherapists will discuss your options with you as your treatment progresses and may use one, or a combination, of the following:

Ultrasound: high-frequency sound waves are used to “micro-massage” soft tissue, which helps stimulate microcirculation and aids in the absorption of inflammatory cells. Ultrasound is particularly useful for joint and muscle swelling, contusions and bruises.

Interferential Current Therapy (IFC): uses a medium-frequency electrical current (around 4000 Hertz) through paired electrodes to gently vibrate soft tissue. IFC can be used for pain relief, muscle spasm, bruising, contusions, and acute and chronic swelling.

Laser: a narrow beam of near-infrared light is used to increase cell activity and stimulate soft tissue. Laser can be used for pain relief, inflammation, trigger points, wound healing and muscle spasm.

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS): electrodes deliver an electrical impulse through the skin to relieve pain. The impulse interferes with the nerve transmission of pain, thereby decreasing the brain’s perception of it.

Muscle Stimulation: nerve and muscle tissue is electrically stimulated through the skin using a dual-channel device. Its primary uses are to promote the contraction of unused, atrophied muscle and to re-educate muscles.

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