Useful Links

Here are some links to professional and community resources that we think are useful and interesting. Some offer information about physiotherapy and the specialized treatment methods we use at Jericho, others are about sport training and access to sport in your community.


Physiotherapy Association of BC (P.A.B.C.)
A useful site for physio facts and information about physiotherapy in BC.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA)
A comprehensive site for information about physiotherapy, including the history of physiotherapy, and helpful tips for back care, gardening, golfing, and walking.

College of Physical Therapists of BC (CPTBC)
The CPTBC sets the standards for entry into the profession, registers qualified physical therapists, establishes and enforces rules and regulations that govern all registrants.

The Upledger Institute
The Upledger Institute is the source of information and training for Craniosacral Therapy.

The Barral Institute
The Barral Institute is the source of information and training for Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation.

The Anat Baniel Method℠
For more information about The Anat Baniel Method℠ of NeuroMovement®.

Acupuncture Canada
Offers acupuncture programs, a search for practitioners, as well as acupuncture links and resources.

The Feldenkrais Method
For more information about The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education.


General Sport and Recreation Organizations:

Sports Medicine Council of BC
A useful site for people interested in sport health, sport safety and sport training. Offers articles, events and programs to educate you about sport and activity.

BC Recreation and Parks Association
All about your community centres and more.


Some Staff Favourites:

Racquetball Canada
National site for racquetball enthusiasts like Bob.

Runners World
Information about running for everyone from novices to serious competitors.

Breathexperience Canada
Group and private Breath & Movement classes, as well as Breath Dialogue sessions