Physio Helps Moms with Pregnancy, Birth and Colic

In Blog by Bev Kosuljandic

No matter how fit you were at conception, the changes that pregnancy brings to your body during all three trimesters puts many stresses on it and, at some point, you are likely to be sore. Physio treatments can help with the soreness – and help align you for delivery.

Expectant moms often ask us, “Is it safe to have physio treatments while I’m pregnant?”  Yes, absolutely! We use a combination of gentle, hands-on treatment techniques at Jericho Physio that are designed with your comfort and baby’s safety in mind.  We’ve treated a lot of expectant mothers and, after 35 years, we’re now treating some of those grown-up babies!

Soreness is usually due to changing body mechanics and stretchy ligaments.

Pain in the lower back and lower ribs are the two most common and persistent areas of pain we see as expectant mothers’ bumps grow. It’s due to a change in your body mechanics – you walk, stand, sit and sleep differently as your tummy grows. The change in mechanics is compounded at 12 weeks by an increase in your ligament laxity – a good idea for delivery, but not so great in the meantime for your spine!

Fortunately, we have lots of experience helping expectant mothers manage their mechanics. On average, we see our expectant moms once a month. We treat the areas that are causing you pain, teach you how to self-correct issues that are a result of activities like emptying the dishwasher, and explain how your partner can help. Baby often joins in and becomes very active during your treatment – they are aware that we are moving their house around!

Align your back and pelvis to help with labour and delivery.

Closer to delivery we move from once-a-month to weekly treatments as we try to “line you up to the chute”.  Good back and pelvic alignment is very helpful during labour and delivery and may help you avoid back labour.

Craniosacral Therapy can help relieve colic.

About a month after delivery we like to do a check-up for both mom and baby. It’s a great time to check your baby’s head and Craniosacral System.  Cranial base compression during delivery is the main cause of colic and can be very gently and easily corrected with Craniosacral Therapy.

Happy, comfortable moms make happy families, so if you’re expecting, come see us! Please call our office at 604-228-1474 to arrange an appointment with Bev, or use our online request form.