Are you being your body’s best friend?

In Blog by Bev Kosuljandic

When we feel pain or discomfort it becomes obvious that all is not well.  This is when we usually start to pay attention to our bodies. Imagine what would happen if we were actively listening and acting on our body’s needs all the time! Your body would love it and it doesn’t require a total lifestyle change.  There are many ways that you can build wellbeing into your everyday life.  These modifications are small and the payoff could be huge!

Okay, so what does this really mean?  Well, our days are filled with choices.  Walk or drive, sit or stand, pack a lunch or grab some fast food, TV or go for a walk/talk with a loved one, more Netflix or more sleep?  You get the idea… Wellbeing is a series of choices.

One way to support your body is to make sure you incorporate a quality source of protein into your breakfast.  Plan for staying well hydrated throughout the day; choose a reusable water bottle in your favorite color or design and use it.  Figuring out a meal plan for the week helps to ensure that you are fueling your body in a healthy way and this will usually prove to be more economical too.  Put those savings toward a fun activity or new fitness gear.

If you take transit, an easy switch-up is to walk to the bus stop 1 stop further than the one you would normally.  Do the same at the other end of your journey.  If driving, don’t park closest to the doors park further away. These simple choices will contribute to the 10,000 steps we should all be shooting for on a daily basis.

Talk to HR about changing your sitting desk to a standing one.  Be aware of holding tension in your body, drop those shoulders, take deep breaths from the bottom of your diaphragm when stressors occur.  Would your company support a half hour yoga class at lunch time?  Or perhaps plan a lunch hour walk date with a co-worker.

And last but not least, carve out 15 minutes a day to sit in stillness.  It doesn’t require any special techniques.  Just sit quietly, comfortably and breathe.  Your body talks, it just needs you to listen, like you would with a good friend.

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