Since 1980, Jericho Physio has offered a combination of experience and advanced hands-on therapies that sets us apart from other clinics in Metro Vancouver. We offer a full range of regular physiotherapy services, plus a combination of specialty services that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our experience ensures that, whatever your problem, you’ll have access to the most effective physiotherapy treatments for your condition. We’re skilled at treating complex conditions and injuries, and our clients come to us from around the Lower Mainland and across BC.

Specialty Services

Craniosacral Therapy

Do you suffer from chronic unexplained pain? CST is often successful when other treatments are not. Read more

Visceral Manipulation

Restrictions in the tissues around your organs can cause pain elsewhere, including migraines, chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. Read more

Myofascial release

Injured connective tissue, or fascia, is a major cause of many complex conditions, including unexplained spinal, muscle, and joint pain. Read more

The Feldenkrais Method®

Are movement limitations affecting your everyday or athletic performance? Feldenkrais can improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination. Read more

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Functional Dry Needling

Dry Needling is an effective treatment for acute and chronic pain, and rehabilitation from injury Read more

Our Team

A Whole Body Approach To Treatment

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In physiotherapy, experience is a huge advantage. We know where the source of pain is likely to be, the range of therapies to treat it, and how to read our clients’ comfort levels as we treat them. Our treatments succeed because of our skills and experience, but also because of the relationships we build with our clients – we help them work with their bodies towards a solution. The best part is when they say, “I didn’t know that I could feel this way again!”Jericho Physio Team


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    Our office is on the 3rd floor of the Jericho Village Shopping Centre at the corner of 4th Ave and Alma Street in Vancouver. You can access our office building by elevator or stairs from any level. The elevator is located in the northeast corner of the shopping centre, close to Alma Street. (On the plaza level, it is near the Rejoice Pet Salon).

    Free parking is available: for 4 hours on P2 (the lowest level), 90 minutes on P1 (the No Frills grocery store level), and 60 minutes on the plaza level. Please be aware that parking times are strictly enforced. More free parking is available on Alma St., Highbury St., and 5th Ave.